“Toyota Fortuner 2012″… CATCH lights on Egypt safari

Appeals to the desert areas and mountainous enjoyed by Egypt, lovers safaris, because they confer on their journeys fun and adventure, due to its natural beauty and scenic, as well as the multiplicity of areas suitable for camping and different races, which extends from the north to the south of Egypt and east to west, where the desert is a large area of the total area of Egypt Desert Safari .

Egypt has seen over the past years, significant growth in tourism safari and private areas of Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada, Aswan, where the owners of these areas, the elements characteristic of the success of this tourism, including the desert areas wide, and off-road, which provides an atmosphere of adventure, as well as to the possibilities of the many in these areas, to the love of foreign tourists and the Arabs of this tourism and keen to enjoy when they visit Egypt, in addition to the increasing interest of a large segment of the Egyptians and especially the youth and safari trips and races.
The SUV of the most important elements of success of tourism safari and suffered races in Egypt, because the desert and rugged areas need cars a strong and special specifications, and advanced capabilities, and means of security is very high, providing full protection to its leader and provide him with comfort and pleasure and the ability to move easily in the sand heavy and hills, rocks, and gives the rest of the passengers safety and comfort, which made a lot of Egyptians offer to buy the SUV, which made a major global automotive companies are racing to launch new models of these cars to meet their needs.
Among the most important cars that grabbed the spotlight, and attracted the attention of lovers of SUVs in Egypt “Toyota Fortuner 2012”, which were offset Lovers Toyota – auto giant Japanese – with great admiration, because of its unique design and the power and potential of high and sophisticated technology, in addition to possessing all the means of safety and protection, which helps the pilot to navigate in various areas off easily, and enjoy the adventure in the mountains and plateaus of various deserts of Egypt.
Immediately after the announcement put “Toyota Fortuner 2012”, which are assembled in Egypt for the first time according to the latest quality standards, received Gallery Toyota deployed in various parts of Egypt large orders to reserve this car that fit the atmosphere of Egypt tours and meet the needs of the family in the movement and travel, in addition to achieving the ambitious youth in the adventure through safaris, and travel to various desert areas.

Egypt Desert Safari
And enjoy the “Toyota Fortuner 2012” with every comfort, security and safety required, in addition to its unique ability to challenge the atmosphere desert and mountain in all its forms and take the most difficult circumstances facing the driver in such rugged areas, because of its enormous potential allows to do long trips and bear hardship and also to overcome the these circumstances, the most important engine power and is equipped with advanced technologies, and is the early engines globally, as well as Fits stitches and frames strong and the structure of large, well-proportioned, in addition to providing all the amenities inside the vehicle, of sufficient space to accommodate all the needs of its leader, of supplies and bags and luggage, and accompanied also drag launches the uses of the summer, all of these possibilities and make them compete strongly to all models, to come in the lead that used Toyota models on the assumption of all the different world markets.
And made sure Toyota to collect “Toyota Fortuner 2012” all the possibilities that offer comfort and luxury, of the family as a whole, which contains seven seats, and a place for cups and bottles of water, automatic transmission Sport, and conditioning system developed, in addition to containing a hole of any iPod connected to the car, Sports and speedometers that show great harmony with the car.