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Sharm el-Sheikh, one of the most beautiful four cities in the world as classified by the BBC in 2005, this city was built in 1968 and quickly evolved to become one of the most famous cities in the world
So I wanted to have singled out in which each subject with regard to this beautiful city
What do I do in Sharm el-Sheikh? The most important places that I visit?

Naama Bay: It is a beautiful place located in the heart of Sharm el-Sheikh.. There you will find all the nationalities of the world in large numbers
The Mchaatin walk in them and be on their part shops, cafes and restaurants
Crutches or a main street in Naama Bay, which he calls by tourists will walk by: Hanzelsais Sharm El Sheikh
Side of the shops .. And be private with antiques, gifts and souvenirs and silverware
Name comes to mind when you hear the Naama Bay Sharm El Sheikh!
Everyone likes to live in a hotel close to it! But not a problem if your hotel a bit far from his… All the hotels have a long bus carrying tourists to and from Naama Bay for free… And that 4 times a day at specific times

glass boat or the Glass Boat: It is a submarine under the sea… The bottom of the glass so you can see the fish and colorful coral reefs are at the bottom
The journey takes an hour to 3 hours, and the price of 40 pounds per capita
Has several names including: Sea Scope or Aquascope or Submarine
The submarine, there are many shapes and sizes

Bedouin dinner: This is not the place.. But it is an activity you can do and offer you the majority of hotels there, will take a bus to the high plateau in Sharm El Sheikh from 7 pm and sit in tents, just select a suitable place or tent for you, and will come to you tea and dinner and of course the buffet .. It also will include presentations and acrobatic folk dances respectable… And it is in session Bedouin beautiful… Price ranges between 120 to 150 pounds, comprehensive connection to the car there

Ask the reservation at the hotel where you live… Ask them about the Bedouin dinner… If you do not exist in your hotel…  Ask at other hotels and, of course not a requirement to be among the guests
– Tiran Island: It is a wonderful trip aboard a yacht… Take you to an island near Sharm el-Sheikh Tiran island its name, and you’ll see a sunken Russian ship Gordon Reef, and the journey will cost 120 pounds lunch… And sometimes the price is higher when the yacht was its advantages over
during this trip depends yacht more than once in the sea to allow the passengers to swim or work Snorkeling
Snorkeling is the float on the surface of the sea and you are on your stomach… And to wear the special things that help you to float… Not required to master the swim at all… And was wearing only be worn with a magnifying glass to see the depths and you are on the surface more info click here:   Egypt holidays

Ras Mohammed: the most beautiful natural area in the world according to the classification of some foreign magazines .. Contains the most beautiful coral reefs… And marine creatures dating back to more than 20 million years
The best thing that the book by the program.. The program will be comprehensive of all things until lunch, and dates from 8 am to 4 pm… And its price in the range of 140 or 150 pounds
will start the trip from Sharm El Sheikh through a yacht… And then to Ras Mohammed and the yacht will be with you in a guided tour on everything and explain to you the way on the map and tell you the types of fish that see
– Cruise special: It is a journey on board the yacht for you only you and your family… Without the tourists with you, you will walk the yacht into the sea from 9 am to 5 pm, and you do what you wish… Whether fishing in the sea… Or the Snorkeling… Be a price of $ 350

City water park (Aqua Park), a great city water had to be

Shopping malls in Sharm el-Sheikh: Mall of the month in Sharm el-Sheikh.. Is the (Mexican Home)…? This issue of Sister (Orchid) with him: Mexican Home
The Mall is located in the plateau region near the Thousand and One Nights, and an area of 50 thousand square meters and includes more than 450 shops and a restaurant, all restaurants, international brands:

a wild ride on the motorcycle with four wheels: and her name in English Quad Runners, and the 3 hours there at 120 pounds, and all the rest are interspersed with tea drinking in Bedouin tents, does not require a driver’s license.  published by:  Egypt tours

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