Tourism operators determine the demands of Dr. Mohamed Morsi, President of the Republic

Experts said that the tourism in the world do not grow as long as there is turmoil and unrest in the countries that wish to visit the tourist .. and there is no hope in the return of tourism without the stability and the availability of the elements of safety in all tourist destinations in Egypt.

Experts did not stop their demands on the stability and security, but called for the need to emphasize the lack of prejudice to the freedom of visiting tourists in the previous cases, which carried by the media and was baptized a number of officials in the political parties with religious reference to threats and intimidation harming freedom of tourist arrivals.

Nagy Erian Deputy Chairman of the Chamber of tourist establishments were demands from President Dr. Mohamed Morsy fall under 3 demands of the first implementation of the promises announced by Dr Marina for tourism, both in closed rooms or open, and the need to work on the return of security in all its forms to send a reassuring picture for Egypt back through which the tourist to visit Kenana land and therefore tourism flourish in all patterns.

Nagy Erian added that the emphasis on the personal freedom of tourists a prerequisite, pointing out that tourists respect our custom and traditions, especially in visiting religious sites, pointing out that these three demands Tourism can regain its activity, which ensures them pay off their debts, especially at banks that did not take into account what happened to the tourist activity of losses during the last period.

Agree Seif Imari treasurer of the Egyptian Tourism in these demands, although blamed on the first appearance of the President, Dr. Mohamed Morsy in his speech to the people who said many of the activities in Egypt, without prejudice to the tourism industry, which is the hope of a bright future for  Egypt deals , and the tourism industry does not dry up and different from its counterpart from other industries that could dry up, as well as it had recognized all the experts economists horse winner is always in the sources of income for Egypt’s foreign exchange and exceeded the Suez Canal revenues and remittances from Egyptians abroad and the volume of Egyptian exports of goods Petroleum and manufacturing, as well as the adoption of 72 industry and commodity tourist activity.

Called Seif Imari to the need for an urgent meeting with the leaders of the tourism sector to send reassuring to the world, and to reshape the Supreme Council for Tourism to be held at least every 3 months under his leadership, or to designate one of his deputies for his presidency to discuss other problems faced by the tourism sector, which embraces more than 3 million workers, representing 12% of the volume of employment in Egypt Tours .

Husam said the poet, Chairman of Chamber of Tourism companies wish to keep the President on tourism and tourism investment in excess of 200 billion pounds, stressing on the need to draw President Mohamed Morsy message of reassurance to investors to support tourism as a key source of national income exceeds the income of the Suez Canal.

He added that the Muslim Brotherhood has assured the tourism sector in more than one occasion not to impose any restrictions on personal freedoms for tourists but the biggest fear of the continuation of the protests that directly affect the decision of foreign visitors to choose Egypt as a preferred destination for them and request a truce to rebuild the country and to send a message to foreign markets that Egypt is a country of peace so that we can work a good tourist season.

While according to Dr. Khalid Manaawi board member of the Egyptian Tourism Chairman of the Committee on Information to Tourism will not return unless the deployment of stability, security and safety in the tourist destinations of Egypt, and stop the demonstrations and strikes categorical that do harm to Egypt and its reputation in the world, demanding that he should be claimed on the list of priorities Dr. Mohamed Morsi, President of the Republic.

It expresses Manaawi expressed confidence in President Dr. Mohamed Morsy that will respond to the demands of tourism for being a university professor and Baraf importance of the tourism industry in the renaissance of peoples and the transfer of cultures and a tool for dialogue and learn the customs and traditions of the peoples, and that the experience of Islamic Tourism in Turkey, Malaysia and Indonesia confirmed a great success.

For his part, tourist expert, Dr. Adel Radi, President of Investors Association of Marsa Alam on the need to send a message to investors, who stopped the proceedings their access to loans from the National Bank after the victory of Mohammed Morsi, especially that there is no clear vision of the investment in the long term, urging Dr. Mercy sent a letter the day before tomorrow reassure those investors wary and want to freeze their projects.

Said that there were optimistic the election of the President and stop the violence in the street until we can build Heliopolis, explaining that hotel occupancy is much better than last season and there are some hotels have reached occupancy them to record up to 98%, the average occupancy Marsa Alam up to 50 % at the moment which is very reasonable.

And confirms that Kerdany protection required for tourism must include freedom of the tourist in his food and drink and clothing, which must be provided by the State while the other problems faced by the sector they can be resolved in coordination with other parties.

The Adel Abdel Razek board member of the Union says that before determining any demands from President Mohamed Morsy must be recalled that the tourist has the freedom to choose the tourist destination and there is now fierce competition between all the purposes of the world, even within a single country.

He says that security and stability is absolutely necessary for the return of tourism, which coincides with the need to solve many common problems including the problem of traffic and Azdhamh, tourism and road repair, secure, and solve the problem of garbage and not initially in the tourist areas and archaeological sites and central cities.

He adds that there are other problems facing the tourism industry, especially in financial transactions, including the creation of liquidity for the tourism industry members in the room through a long-term loans do not start repayment after the return of tourism to their normal level, and help the tourist facilities that want to this to the presence of partners, and postponement of taxes due until the return of tourism and the installments for a long time without any penalty, and delay Social Security until the return due to tourism and the installments for a long time without any penalty.

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Indicates Abdel-Razek, there are many financial problems that must be established by the President, Dr. Mohamed Morsy within his agenda, which must work to avoid them through the next government, including the unification of supervisors at the facilities and tourism companies, and the need to activate the law No. (16) for the year 2004, which governs the supervision of the Ministry of Tourism and room goods stores tourism including limiting acts of a negative impact on tourism, standardization of the donor for licensing the practice of tourist activity, the Ministry of Tourism, while facilitating the extraction of licenses in a one-stop shop, and not to impose any fees or taxes without the law, and the transfer of sales tax to a tax value-added any ask input from the tax paid, to reconsider the property tax, and solve problems Balemrassa Nile, and the short activity organized Haj and Umrah companies, travel agencies, tourism, according to the law, and activate the protocols signed on to make the city of Sharm el-Sheikh city green global tourism, determine the official representative of one of the unions to deal with it, the reduction of unemployment through training and rehabilitation of transformational young graduates to find jobs in the tourism sector.