Tourism Minister: return of tourists

In the first interview of Mr. Mounir Fakhri Abdel-Nour, Minister of Tourism, who assumed his new duties with the tourism sector was the biggest crisis witnessed over the past years … So buck big and heavy load, but in spite of the distance from the tourism sector, however, that throughout his career has been worried the affairs of the nation
Following up on what’s happening on the political scene, economic, especially in light of his party as secretary general of the Wafd Party.

Mr. Minister, what is your strategy to get out of the current tourism crisis and return them to what before 25 January?
* First, we must work with all our energy to lift the ban on travel to Egypt from some European countries and the United States of America, is what is happening now has already been the response from most countries in Europe, the ban was lifted, but Russia refused, the largest state issued us tourism, they represent 20% of incoming tourism to Egypt every year and I do all my best to lift this ban, communication and ongoing interviews with Moscow’s ambassador to Egypt with tour operators in Moscow, who are demanding their government to quickly and need to lift the ban.
Second: We are already in the implementation of programs, revitalization of tourism include the presence and communication in all exhibitions of international tourism to the definition of the fact situation in the Egyptian street in the cities of Egypt’s tourism, and that what has happened in Egypt on January 25 was not an act of terrorism to countries fear it to nationals, but is a peaceful revolution white for the democratic transformation Tourism and reform took two weeks and is over and now things are on their way to stability and therefore there is no need to fear or anxiety on the tourists.
Programs include activation as well as stimulate and secure the charter flights, a program was implemented on 5 airports in the North Coast and Marsa Alam, Taba, Luxor and Aswan, and add this to Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh was changed and simplified some of the conditions such as rates of insurance, which fell from 50% to 94% for some airports.
Third, we start a campaign advertising the new Egypt, internally and externally, but we are just waiting for the right time to start because the timing is something very important in advertising campaigns is not valid, for example to start airing ads in TVs of the world cities of Egypt’s tourism and the call to visit, then we find that the CNN news broadcast footage and scenes from the presence of Egyptian army in the streets, here I will lose credibility and therefore I have lost large amounts of propaganda will not bear fruit.
Fourth: We are already inviting reporters specializing in the press tourism in addition to the tour operators who deal with the Egyptian market and was attended by delegations from Italy, Germany, from tour operators to make sure close of the reality of the situation in the streets and Egyptian cities, and these calls would change public opinion in Western countries about the situation in Egypt and thus the decision to travel to Egypt. These calls to be borne by the Ministry with EgyptAir and the Egyptian hotels that receive these guests.
And cared so much about what is published in the international press about Egypt was annoyed to an article published in the journal ParisMatch French about the security situation in Egypt and immediately contacted a group of French journalists and a number of companies operating in the field of tourism and we invite them to visit Egypt to get acquainted with the truth and reality.
Egypt also made an offer to fly under the stimulus program offered through the conduct of the start of direct flights between Moscow and Sharm el-Sheikh, Hurghada, as well as some Eastern European countries very attractive prices.
Fifth: We are now preparing for a season of Arab tourism and call on our Arab brothers to visit Egypt and spend our annual vacation through refresher campaigns in Arab countries.
And we hope that we receive the largest possible number of our Arab brothers because they are closest to us and know we have a stable situation.
Mr. Minister, is there faith in the house in order .. I mean the ministry?
* Definitely there will be many changes in all sectors of the Ministry and will be listening to the complaints of all and I will work to solve their problems, but I just want some little time to arrange my priorities because the solution to all problems do not occur in the day and night We need a little time began to take a number of resolutions for the federations of chambers tourism and the appointment of Elhamy Zayat, chairman of the Federation and Chambers of Tourism pending the completion of the elections that we want clean, transparent, non-contested and no later than 6 months has taken the decision to disband the union and tourist rooms in implementation of the judgment of the Court issued and in force, but did not take so I saw that the solution of these associations and chambers of the beginning He was right.
What about the expected changes in tourist offices and consultants in the countries of the world?
* There will be changes in a timely manner and after studying each country separately and must bear in mind the accumulated experience and the need for language proficiency of the States, but at the same time not true that the Director of the Office will continue for many years in his place without giving opportunities for young people.
Therefore, after study and consideration of all the offices will be making the right decision whether or inevitability of change and to stay for the end of the term and here I stress the need to train the ranks again to fill the shortfall in trained personnel Almtzlhh science, language and tools of the computer age and more.
Umrah season started after a stop during the events of the Egyptian revolution, so is the season strong for the Egyptian tourism companies?
* We believe that the minor pilgrimage season this year has special circumstances, after a stopover during the events of the revolution and the resumption of flights last February it was necessary to catch up with programs tourism committed by the companies towards the pilgrims and they started immediately and without delay and took things more than good until this moment there is no problems either in the placement of pilgrims in Mecca and Medina or congestion in the usual Egyptian ports ground or air.
We heard that there is a tendency to pull supervise the diving sector of the room Algod .. Is this true?
* Yes I have taken this decision for reasons of technical and will be implemented starting next April should not have to have supervision and control of the jurisdiction of the room, diving, and Larry need to return the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Tourism as it was in the past and will return to the offices of the Ministry of Tourism in Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada. more info here:    Egypt shore excursions