Tourism is the economic sector ready to work pumping money

Hisham Zazou Minister of Tourism that the tourism sector is locomotive growth of the Egyptian economy in the coming period but subject to the return of security and stability to the Egyptian street, adding that the Egypt luxury tours, Egypt luxury holidays greatly affected by political events, where events of the U.S. Embassy to the decline in occupancy rates in a hotel nearby for example, to 28 percent and control of the security forces after the events rose to 38% in a single day.

This came during the eighth annual conference of competitive and held by the Egyptian National Council for competitive Tuesday in the presence of a large number of businessmen and investors, as well as a number of economics professors and Egypt government officials present and former.

Zaazou added that the Egypt all inclusive holidays, packages, tours, vacations is the only one who pays directly and indirectly on the economy by pumping money directly to help provide market foreign currency, as well as its association with many of the industries and other sectors.

He noted that the number of tourists reached during the first seven months of the beginning of this year 2.6 million tourists, an increase of 4.23% from the same period last year, as the number of tourist nights to reach 9.71 million tourist nights, an increase of 4.34 million from the same period last year, The total tourism revenues 2.5 billion dollars, an increase of 15%.

He added Zaazou, the Ministry of Tourism aims this year to increase the number of tourists coming to Egypt to 12 million and increase tourism income to $ 10 billion, also aim in 2020 to the arrival of the number of tourists to 30 million, while the number of tourist nights to 300 thousand night and rising tourism income to $ 25 billion.

The Minister of Tourism to be the first direct flight from Istanbul to Sharm el-Sheikh will be launched next October 9 and will be 4 flights per week, while kicks off the trip Istanbul Egypt Hurghada October 17, within the framework of opening up new tourism markets.

On the possibility to achieve tourism competitiveness, confirmed Zazoa that Egypt can be achieved through the development of patterns and tourism products and new innovative open new markets, modify and facilitating regulations and laws governing tourism and attract more investment to develop tourist destinations, in addition to supporting small and medium enterprises and product development heritage.

And the strategic objectives of the Ministry of Tourism, Zaazou said that there are projects with a quick return on society, such as energy conservation and the development of the pyramids, which will be inaugurated in the next November, as well as to raise the efficiency of some roads and the provision of security and safety.