Prime Minister of Egypt in Taba expected 11.5 million tourists year-end

Dr. Hisham Qandil Prime Minister, that Egypt is completely safe, and welcoming reception of tourists from all over the world, and it was lift the travel ban them from some tourist markets outstanding, thanks to the security efforts that are being made to impose security on the street, and the efforts of workers in Egypt last minute tours, last minute holidays, deals, tours to Egypt, shore excursions sector in foreign markets The Qandil that the occupancy rate in hotels South Sinai exceeded 62% before the start of the tourist season, and revealed the Prime Minister, during a meeting with tribal elders Sinai yesterday, from receiving city of Sharm El Sheikh 8 aircraft charter a week at the beginning of next week, loaded with tourists Turks.
He said: The government has provided one billion pounds for the development of Sinai, next to private sector investment, and that a business promised the establishment of residential community for the people of the region in which it operates, and pointed out the Prime Minister that is currently being to diversify ways of development in the Sinai, and not restricted to Egypt luxury tours, Egypt luxury holidays only , as Sinai is rich in all fields, and pointed out that the government aimed at reaching a number of tourists to 11.5 million tourists by the end of this year, more than 14 million and a half next year.
Qandil stressed that the process Eagle led the armed forces and civil security forces continue successful in their work, until you have cleared all criminal foci, and the arrest of terrorists in the Sinai, and the retribution of the martyrs who have fallen in the last month of Ramadan on the border area.
He said – in a press conference held in Taba – The security situation in Egypt has improved a lot during the last period at all sites and in various provinces. Stressing the continuation of the security work during the next phase until it is fully provide security.
– Dr. Hisham Qandil during a meeting with elders, South Sinai and Egyptian investors yesterday in Taba that was lifted a travel ban to Egypt from some tourist markets distinctive, thanks to security efforts have been made to impose security Egyptian street, as well as the efforts of workers in the tourism sector in foreign markets to attract for tourists, adding that the occupancy rate in South Sinai hotels exceeded 62% even before the start of the winter tourist season.
The Prime Minister pointed out that the State provided billion pounds for the development of Sinai in the current budget than private sector investment.
Dr. Kandil added that work is underway to diversify the ways of development in Sinai andEgypt not restricted to tourism, adding that he will soon put the land in 65 area conferences.
He said the government aimed at reaching a number of tourists to 11 and a half million tourists by the end of this year increase to 14 and a half million next year, directed a reassuring message and a call for tourists to visit Egypt.
And heard Dr. Hisham Qandil to the people and the elders and Sinai about the problems and issues that concern them where he issued instructions to the ministers specialists and South Sinai Governor to work on solving these problems and improve services related to water and sanitation, housing, also heard Qandil to some clarifications from investors and Egyptian businessmen about the facilities provided by the government to facilitate investments.
The Prime Minister had yesterday afternoon toured in Taba heights area, where he inspected the area and visited the Marina District Heights, which receives tourists from different ports, particularly the Jordanian port of Aqaba.
During a visit Qandil Marina Heights reached a boat tourist coming from Jordanian port of Aqaba flying flags Egyptian and Jordanian on board a large group of tourists led by Jordanian Minister of Transport where he managed Qandil dialogue with tourists, where assured them that Egypt is completely safe for the reception of tourists from around the world.
And lose Qandil Taba land border and its divisions and briefed on ways of working, and the keenness of the Prime Minister during the visit was accompanied by the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities and the Governor of South Sinai and the head of the development of Sinai on the photo ops with workers port and assured them they guards one of the main outlets border and their compatriots appreciate them their efforts, and the number of elders and Awaql South Sinai in Qandil reception upon arrival port