In the celebration of World Tourism Day in Aswan: Message to the world!

This global event on the land .. the land of Egypt Aswan good. Has seen the city of Aswan on Tuesday, the official ceremony of the World Tourism Organization World Tourism Day 27 September each year .. The theme of this year tourism .. Connecting Cultures.

The celebration was attended by Dr. Taleb Rifai, Secretary-General of the World Tourism Organization and the elite group of leaders of tourism in the world, led by Minister of Tourism and Culture in Greece and Minister of Tourism in Indonesia, Tunisia and the CEO of Tommy German, the largest tourism company in the world, as well as there was, of course, Munir Fakhri Abdel Nour, Minister of Tourism in Egypt, Abu Imad al-Din Ghazi, the minister of culture and a large number of leaders and those involved in the responsibility of the Egyptian tourism and media professionals from Egypt and the world as well as foreign ambassadors in Cairo.
Although the establishment of these delegations Hotel Cataract Aswan to celebrate restart it after developing the figures Conference held Hotel Movenpick Aswan middle of the Nile, were also set up a seminar in the same hotel for tourism and Connecting Cultures At the end of the day holding a press conference in which he talked secretary-general of the World Tourism Organization and minister of tourism in Egypt and Greece.
The celebration of World Tourism Day began with a speech by Dr. Taleb Rifai, Secretary-General of the World Tourism Organization to various countries around the world in which he stressed that the celebration of World Tourism Day under the slogan (tourism .. Connecting Cultures) is an expression of the role of tourism in overcoming the barriers between cultures and to advocate respect for cultures and promote dialogue and tolerance, understanding and mutual respect in our world who suffer division and that these values advocated by the tourism is the basis for the future of a world of greater peace.

The Aswan, Egypt offers a model for this cultural communication, cultural and tourism between the countries of the world and to celebrate the official organization in Egypt comes in recognition of the Egyptian revolution of Jan. 25.
He added Rifai that the peoples of the world now has the desire to visit Egypt after the revolution that changed a lot in the concept of visiting Egypt and tourists now looks forward to visiting Egypt and attention to the people of Egypt and to identify the youth of Egypt, who made this revolution to the world and wants to know on everything in Egypt. for more info click here:   Egypt deals

He said that the World Tourism Organization stands beside the Egyptian tourism stands beside the spring of Arab revolutions in general for the benefit of tourism and peoples.
The secretary-general of the World Tourism Organization to be crossing the 940 million people of the international border last year, is the largest indication that tourism has become a global phenomenon that contributes to support the economies of the countries and it has achieved more than a trillion dollars last year and that tourism in Egypt exceeded their income entered the Suez Canal, which represents an addition large for the Egyptian economy.
He also stressed Mounir Fakhri Abdel Nour, Minister of Tourism in his speech at the ceremony that this global celebration of the Aswan carries more than one meaning and a message .. Tourism has become one of the most important components of economic nationalism and contribute to job creation and community development and tourism as well as of the most important ways of rapprochement of cultures, peoples and strengthen tolerance and respect and world peace.
The Minister of Tourism of Greece in a press conference in Aswan who participated speak it with the secretary-general of the World Tourism Organization and the Minister of Tourism in Egypt, that Greece is looking forward to cooperation with Egypt in the field of tourism, not only that, but there are programs for joint cooperation and called for the Mediterranean countries such as Turkey, Greece and Egypt and others to cooperate in the organization of joint programs to attract more tourists from far-flung countries such as America, China, Australia, and said that it was unreasonable to come tourists from China to visit the one after that cut all of these spaces, so it is useful cooperation between these countries in joint programs in order to be tourist-term visit a range of countries achieved yield and benefit of all.  published by:   Egypt shore excursions