Egypt safari Stop contributed to the decline in the number of tourists

South Sinai:
Despite its strategic importance and the wealth of Egypt last minute tours, last minute holidays, deals, tours to Egypt, shore excursions resources of mining and the downtown area of ​​South Sinai has suffered greatly from neglect as conditions suffered by people of unemployment conditions, ignorance, poverty and disease, a region that includes St. Catherine and forty Valley and elsewhere.
People of the region believe that the topography of the region have helped to population isolation and denial of services, despite its importance as the rugged desert areas and the towering mountains but contain a treasure trove mining, industrial and agricultural and tourism are unmatched.
Initially emphasized in favor of Rashid Sheikh tribe children happy St. Catherine that there are many problems facing dwellers south-central Sinai, the mountain valleys of its estimated fifty thousand people notably unemployment where suffered many of them in addition to poverty, disease and because of the marginalization of the former regime have The lack of attention to the development of Sinai or exploit its natural mineral and quarantine, industrial, although the desert replete with sand glass, marble, granite and gypsum However does not have at home factory a national one to provide job opportunities Egyptfor young multiplicity destinations States government to land was and still has obstructed development where business can and serious investors to establish their projects only after obtaining the approvals of 10 bodies government which contributed to the flight of investors from investing in southern Sinai, explained tribal elder boys happy that the tourism sector in St. Catherine With the increasing number of employees by Bedouins had greatly influenced by the adoption of the city Tourism per day due to the halt airport for receiving charter flights coming from abroad due to stop functioning due to lack development and the lack of night vision and neglecting the Ministry of Civil Aviation to the process of development, also stopped safaris tourist mountains and mountain valleys for security reasons contributed to the decline in the number of tourists coming to the city . He called for opening up new prospects for development in order to provide job opportunities for young people in all sectors and the development of Airport St. Catherine so that he can receive charter flights coming from abroad to work and the Ministry of Tourism to promote the city through international exhibitions for tourism, for its part demanded Ramadan Ahmed Musa a resident district Zaytuna’s the city of St. Catherine, aged 27 years and works in the tourism sector religious and safari need to support the city of St. Catherine in terms of tourism to receive flights long-term rather than receive tourism per day as all the citizens of the city are dependent on their income monthly to work in the tourism sector.
Also called for the reorganization of mountain valleys safari and Bedouin settlements deep in the desert after they stopped during the previous regime motivated by a security than our homes ruined as described where safari tourism mountain valleys yield appropriate Egyptreturn better than we entered during this period.
In the valley of the forty’s St. Katherine Protectorate Sheikh Ramadan mountain a Bedouin-old 57 years that the Valley cannot be reached only through walking or riding a camel as the road is bordered by mountains towering height and is located on the side pieces of rock giant hard self-removal efforts.
He pointed out that sentences longer and means of transportation for transfer dwellers assembly to the city, about him more than three kilometers and supports most residents to work in the tourism sector where come to some tourists to enjoy the beauty of nature as well as some crops of fruit and vegetables for domestic consumption so it was able to achieve sufficiency self vegetables and fruit, although it lacks Valley to electricity has been buying diesel-powered machine water to irrigate crops from wells and also be used in lighting for two hours a day.