Egypt all inclusive holidays, tours, vacations

No one in the tourism sector could deny that the  Egypt all inclusive holidays, tours, vacations  Pat is one of the issues that represent a major threat to the tourism industry or specifically the size of the return, including not only in Egypt but also in places or other tourist countries in the world.
Although I have already written and discussed on this page issue inclusive and warned of danger on the extent to which the tourism industry of the revenues of weak national economy, especially in light of the growing force of this system to the degree that made me call this system the virus comprehensive rampant in the body of the Egyptian tourism and weaken or reduces yield material for the benefit of the national economy.
There is no doubt that everyone knows that the reason to say that the deadly virus is that residence overall mean residence cheap or very cheap… So you if you ask for the majority of prices in Egypt, specifically in hotels Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh that accept this Egyptsystem you will find that the price of week to establish a comprehensive flight does not exceed 500 or 600 euros per week including price plane that up to 300 or 350 euros in most cases.
You can imagine that the rest of the amount of EUR 300 for the establishment of food and beverage and means at best 20 euros per person per night to stay, eat and drink, but unfortunately I hear it sometimes down to 12 euros in some hotels…
Does this make sense, and whether these rates in the target that tourism is one of the pillars of the national economy?
I do not think that at all!! But we must consider the issue of prices in general… Unfortunately sometimes some come and impose exaggerated prices on some Arab nationalities which is unacceptable because the prices should be uniform for all nationalities. And can be seasonal all nationalities as well.
Although I, as I said previously wrote in this case. And I got the answers I know in advance which is that hotels and companies compensate these cheap prices in ways that “twisted” that is important to come tourist and companies after organizing special trips him in the desert for Safari, or take to buy from bazaars or any other means compensate the loss.. But I think that in that kind of loss in the state Perhaps compensate private companies losses of those companies that sell at a loss any room price and sells food and drinks for less than the cost in the hope of compensation, as I said …! But the circumvention of the rights of the state and national economy and the weakness of a mental picture of Egyptian tourism and revenue in general.
We have said before that one of the important reasons that must be met in this case, is what we called the “Circle hellish” which is that the system of tourism in Egypt all become dependent on the tourism company that brings tourists which builds and owns the hotel and the bazaar and bus and floating hotel and therefore this system curiosities in return loss on the national economy.. Perhaps back winning or the owner of the company but it is Hurghada certain that the organization operates and customization in tourism can be a catalyst, to increase tourism income for the benefit of the national economy.
The phenomenon most serious prevalent today and that led to the spread of this virus, “inclusive”, which reached the five-star hotels and companies international hotels operating in Egypt unfortunately that tourism companies global majors such as TUI and deny Mann and others became interested in the “globalization” companies, hotels and branches and partnership in Egypt with major companies and therefore in these companies impose largely introduction inclusive paid tourist advance and therefore, in partnership with his Egyptian counterpart, you can say that a great return back to the outside of these companies do not thing for taking Egyptian companies or the national economy, but proportions slim unfortunately. Some might say I’m exaggerating to talk about inclusive system and its results and some might say that the case in many countries…
And I say yes… But that, of course, must lead us to the issue of quantity and quality in the Egypt tours

We have the state natural ingredients and unique cultural and archaeological and is unprecedented in the world and therefore it requires us to preserve them.
And to choose between quantity and quality that far any care بالكيف and quality in services because that is the way to increase revenue from tourism for the benefit of the national economy. But I can say that the choice of quality is one of the powerful means of blockade of the deadly virus or inclusive.
And may help us in that there is a global trend noticeable in a number of countries in the world tourism major exporting tourism, such as Germany, France and Angeltza to escape from this system, it has become citizens or wishing to travel and tourism tend to look for quality or quality but escape purposes or hotels spreads inclusive system.
The search for privacy and enjoy and communicate with people in the State or the place visited by tourists has become a important objectives of the tourists, which could be called in the science or art of modern marketing “experiment” that is a tourist looking for experience and should give him the experience to enjoy .. Tourists If attracted media campaigns or advertising, but some tourists are looking for a fun experience in travel and tourism and human communication, knowledge and culture which is the ultimate goal for tourism.