A new stage in tourism promotion

Mr. Hisham Zaazou Tourism Minister that preparations are underway to start a new phase of promoting Egypt tour packages, Egypt packages  globally through new plans and programs for international tourism advertising campaigns, media campaigns and public relations to help the tourism sector on the marketing of tourism Egypt.
Said Zaazou – in a special statement to pages “Travel and Tourism” – that in preparation for the implementation of this new phase of promotion is underway to move in more than one direction on the domestic level to prepare the ground for a breakthrough in the promotion so that speaks campaigns for reality helps in return of tourism.
He added that in this context it was agreed with Maj. Gen. Ahmed Gamal El Din, Minister of the Interior to develop a plan to secure all tourist areas and the fight against all infringements or chaos in these areas that the officials in the Interior preparing this plan to be presented to the Minister of Interior to coordinate with the Minister of Tourism for approval in a joint meeting of September 5 To confirm the stability of the security situation in Egypt, which would have the greatest impact in pushing a plan to promote the new Egypt.
In the same context, said Hisham Zaazou tourism minister he had decided that the plan promoted under the auspices of scientific and experts, as will be issued a decision this week to restructure and activate the Higher Committee to promote tourism so as not unique to one decisions activation and international campaigns and have opinions of experts and that these will be headed by the minister himself and will begin its meetings During the next few days to discuss a plan campaigns and prepare for the campaign of the new international, particularly after the expiration of the company that produced the campaigns of Egypt in the last three years so that it is producing a new campaign fit and Egypt keep events in the Egyptian tourism and contribute to the re-flow of tourists to Egypt again.
said Hisham Zaazou he would take care agenda, the Egyptian tourist on the internal industry events attract tourism and development of tourist areas in conjunction with the various ministries, for example has been agreed with the Minister of State for Antiquities to contribute the Ministry of Tourism with the effects in the development area Pyramids of Giza and it will immediately begin implementation, and contribute to tourism in the financial aspects will be to locate the horses, camels and construction of a wall “barbed wire” around the area to protect it from encroachment and providing courses water modern and mobile security services and that it was agreed to finalize the maximum speed of the implementation of this plan and in no later than Sept. 20 so can be exploited in promoting tourism to Egypt as the Pyramids one of tourist icons Egypt that has to be utilized in the new phase of promoting tourism to Egypt.
In the context of attention to promoting tourism internationally Minister tourism interest in follow-up performance tourist offices abroad and ensure the stand over the activation of its strategy in the coming period, where he met Hisham Zaazou Muhammad Jamal Office Manager Tourism Frankfurt (Germany) in while in Egypt, and reviewed the Director of the Office tourist latest position For inbound tourism from the German market and outlined a plan office in the coming period as well as achievements in the previous period.
The minister stressed the importance of the German market and the need to promote the destination Egyptian non-traditional ways, especially in light of the current conditions in the Egyptian tourism, pointing out that he will continue to perform all the offices in the next stage by himself.