Alexandria Shore Excursions Review

Dear Mohamed,
Thank you for your inquiry.  We are all concerned every day with the news from Cairo and and hope for the best outcome for the people of Egypt.  Obviously, I do not understand the full scale of what is happening, but it certainly seems that one dictator should not replace another.  The people said “NO” once and

we are glad to see they are saying it again.  Mohamed, I very much admired your life story when we were with you and I am sure you are still involved in bettering life for yourself, your family, and your future bride.

The service both you and your driver provided on the tour was first class.  My only suggestion would be this. When one is travelling and inundated with new places and itineraries every day one tends to forget the specifics of what was planned.  A written plan for the day with approximate driving times and length of time at each stop would be helpful.  That way for example, I could have remembered that a stop at the Alexandria Libary was scheduled for the end of the tour and told you I was too tired to do that.  Then we could have saved quite a bit of time in that heavy traffic!
I look forward to returning to Egypt and seeing Luxor and I would certainly use your services again.
In the meantime, if there is anything that I can do to be of help to you in this difficult time, please let me know.
Rosi Reid
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Dear Roswitha Reid

wishing you a great day from the land of Egypt.

I hope you enjoyed your adventure in Egypt! We work very hard at
Ramses Tours, with the aim of providing you the best service and care
throughout your time in Egypt.

How was your tour in Egypt?

Anything you were pleased with?

Please forward this email to all members of your groups so we can know how they found our tour?

Your feedback is vital to us and we appreciate your cooperation.

Yours Sincerely,

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