Tourism industry first that will help to promote the Egyptian economy

Said Hisham Zaazou, Minister of Tourism: “The 20% of foreign currency in Egypt comes from Egypt last minute tours, last minute holidays, deals, tours to Egypt, shore excursions thanks to the strong infrastructure, will be the first tourism industry which will help to promote the Egyptian economy.” Pointing out that Germany has always been and remains a strong partner in the field of tourism, and the figures are the best proof that Egypt has received nearly 540 thousand German tourists during the period from January to June 2012, an annual increase of 33.4%, as recorded occupancy of hotels increased by 40.6%.

And Mahmoud Zuaiter, CEO of International Hotels Holdings, hotel management company of Orascom Development Holding, the outlook upbeat after he declared: “The second half of 2012 will go down better results than the first half of the year,” he said, adding: “Total revenue hotels Orascom Development Holding about 100 million pounds, compared to last year, to achieve an increase in profits by 44 million pounds. recorded occupancy rate annual increase of 6% in July 2012, compared to the same period last year, and thus narrows the difference between the rates of 2012 and 2010 to reach about 20%. as we have seen a 10% rise in prices (total revenue divided by number of rooms) in addition to demand from new markets, which confirms our direction to restore natural tourism ratesEgypt.
The Andre Elmer, director of services tourist destinations company TUI, the group leading tourist in Europe, that the rates of Egypt all inclusive holidays, tours, vacations in order to recover, and added: “We have recorded the numbers of customers traveling to Egypt increased by 20% during the summer of 2012, compared to 2011. We ambitious plans to double those numbers, and that was the cause of raising the capacity of flights, where we guarantee 85% seats in the aircraft. ” Andre said German tourists know Egypt, and many of them repeat had, however, is minister vowed to correct the image for the stability of security in Egypt the first steps to restore the entire tourism.

This came during a host city of El Gouna, Red Sea on September 2 workshop FVW, a magazine leading German in the tourism sector, and the goal of the event is to provide an opportunity for communication among participants Germans and leaders of Egyptian tourism, in addition to the experience of the situation in Egypt and evaluate themselves, where he participated Porsche work 25 people of German tour operators, and senior managers, and tour operators.

El Gouna is an integrated tourist city based on self-sufficiency extends a length of 10 kilometers on the coast of the Red Sea, one of the most beautiful cities developed by Orascom Development, is also one of the signs of development and development carried out by the Group to reinforce the idea of ​​”life as it should.” El Gouna offers to its residents and guests unrivaled lifestyle, which is a key factor to attract multi-national society up its numbers to 24 thousand people. El Gouna is also considered the best tourist destination for residents of Europe thanks to the brightness of the sun throughout the year, and shimmering lakes, and beaches turquoise.

El Gouna characterized its infrastructure developed in accordance with international standards, and advanced services, where it is the permanent headquarters of many international brands in the field of tourism.

Include facilities Gouna luxury airstrip Joy, and three berths at the highest international levels with a capacity of 282 compound, and there Gouna universities and international schools, and a golf course provider 18-hole, and 17 hotels, and two health centers and equipped with the latest sports equipment Lax Gym. And available Gouna hospital integrated according to the highest international standards provider emergency services 24 hours a day, in addition to a special room to deal with an emergency dive, and service dialysis allowing guests book treatment before arrival to receive them and provide the transition to and from the hospital.

In addition to the above, there are more than 100 restaurants Gouna, as well as diving centers and sports yacht, fishing and water sports centers fully equipped tennis courts and horsemanship. There Gouna many sports and activities to suit all ages.

There is a cultural center with a sophisticated digital library linked mainly BA and untouched from the archives of the books and documents and data, and there is a mosque and a church. And held many cultural festivities continued inside the resort of El Gouna. El Gouna is also an educational center where unique at the Technical University of Berlin, and a center of study of the American University in Cairo, and a group of schools Egyptthat teach the Egyptian and international curriculum, and Egyptian-German Hotel School, and the Institute of Nursing works according to the U.S. training programs.

Unique architectural design which combines the great heritage and modern designs at the same time. And show the work of the most famous architects in El Gouna, such as Alfredo unique, and Michael Graves, and Rami El Dahan, and Shehab Mazhar, and others. It is worth noting that El Gouna is home to a creative community of business owners, artists, and environmentalists, and giving athletes aside from the unique beauty of the village.

Pursuant to its status as the first tourist destinations friendly environment in Egypt, graced El Gouna to participate in the launch of a hotel “Green Star” environmental and widely spread nationwide.