Tourism In Hurghada

Hurghada was established in the early twentieth century… Where Hurghada remained a small fishing town until a few years ago… Even today became the city of Hurghada, which is the largest  Egypt holidays resorts and the world maritime center.. If  you want to place under water or above the water vertically. In Hurghada . sailing on the water or in water or if you want to practice diving under the water… Wonders where you will find a lot…
Hurghada is considered the first level in the world where warm waters, which embraces the rare species of fish and coral reefs, which can see through the submarine.
What’s for fans of the statistical information here you will find some useful pointers for you.


Residents of Hurghada
Were counted the actual number of residents of Hurghada for the month of July 2006 and reached 860,791.
This number consists of 53,299 male and 33,562 female.
And the number of population groups by various Sunni, Sunni Omar category from zero to 15 represents the ratio of statistical up to 42.5%.
The population over the age of 65 years comprises only 1.9%.
And cases of marital separation are rare, with about 4.9% of the population of Hurghada divorced.
The number of people who cannot read and write represents 24.4% of the population and such a large proportion should draw attention.

Infrastructure, hotel and tourism of the city of Hurghada

The latest  Egypt tours  statistics indicate that the number of hotels in the Hurghada geographical reached 136 units with a capacity of hotel rooms up to about 30 thousand households and capacity of up to 57 thousand.
There are 33 people with hotel capacity of a family of up to 9759 are still at the stage of construction or the opening.
Number of employees in hotels up to 28,883.

Other information about the tourism infrastructure

152 schools to teach scuba diving
389 tourist boats are licensed to work day cruises
159 tourist boats are licensed to work freely and Safari trips take an average of 7 days.
109 firms Tourism
10 companies, tourist transport
17 companies specialized in the implementation of the desert safari

the number of tourists and their activities (Statistics for the month of June 2006)

Hurghada International Airport receives an average of 38 aircraft.
Arrived to Hurghada Airport in June 2006 about 160 094 visitors, including the proportion of:
28% of Germans
11.1% Russian
5% Englishmen
4.2% French
5.3% Egyptians
The same month the number of tourists component of 17,995 to carry out a road trip to Cairo.

Action was recorded 72,860 dives freely in the same month.
Those who have done a safari freely arrived to 4420 tourists.
The number that was calculable for those who have done a water sport buoyancy, were 40,325 tourists, but the real number was much more than this statistic is due to the difficulty of this registration based sport buoyancy and who bring with them equipment for the sport.
Have been recorded and the number of 10,426 tourists who have done various other water sports.