Tourism In Aswan

wide and worm Smile, appears from behind her very white teeth to dark skin, welcome you  like you’re one of them returned after years of absence, and the sun shining throughout the day completes rays warm smile that the current chat session with the people of the place, and Neil impeccable purity wave in the water in front of your eyes even for almost feel that what I saw in Cairo cannot be an extension of that river, wonderful, and the mountains stretching in front of your eyes smallness of «Saint» and weaknesses, and markets stretched out on the roads next to each effect and the Temple, to think that the whole town offers you a heritage of the needle to the rocket only if ordered by you. Welcomed the Cornice along the city invites you to walk beside him and taking pictures on the beach to keep them in the closet unforgettable memories. That simply is the city of Aswan, which lies on the eastern bank of the Nile, and at a distance of 899 kilometers from Cairo that tourists have come with the beginning of each winter. «Flower Egyptian south» is the name dubbed by the Aswan and whose name means in the Nubian «market», has been called this name to the large markets held out for being a link between the south of Egypt and the African continent brown, a piece of the effects of counterfeit or souvenir that You might like to buy from that wonderful city does not cost you effort, Search for shops specializing in this area, and the reason you will find when all traces or temple you are visiting, a market is selling craft products which famous people of the city manufacture, ranging from dresses Nubian famous and bags made of animal skins, straw , the end of the cutting effects of counterfeit and peanut Aswan famous, which is roasted on the sun’s rays, so that some houses near the areas visited by tourists turned into exhibitions enter newcomer to the city and watch the nature ways of making craft products in front of him and selects which wills such as houses of the village of «West So hail ». Talk about the beauty of nature and the weather in Aswan now until the end of the spring, cannot be described words. Perhaps this is the secret of the capacity of those quiet city to challenge the other winter resorts in various parts of the world, including endowed with its dry climate, adding to the tourism impacts of, medical tourism, especially for patients with kidney and respiratory system, rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, too, because of the landfill in the sands brown area rich elements useful in the treatment of these diseases, in addition to the intensity of ultraviolet radiation reflected from the mountains surrounding the city, and the Nile Page throughout the year and especially on the islands of Elephantine, and Isis.

Effects in Aswan with the features of a private diary, where it mixes with the people in the convergence gives pulse of life, and to feel You are visiting the Pharaohs raised in the city center you are going to blend the panel where human beings. Among these temples, the Temple of Kom Ombo, which dates back to the year 180 BC to worship the gods «Casting and Horus» and there is a high hill overlooking the River Nile, and the advantage of design based on two axes, each representing a separate unit in itself, and graffiti walls prominent, have been the work integrated lighting of the temple to illuminate the night. There is also a temple town of Edfu, one of the most beautiful temples and Egyptian collection in the design of the pharaonic, Greek, has been established for the worship of the god «Horus» and confirm the inscriptions on the walls, which tells the story of Horus and his revenge from his uncle, a symbol of evil «six». As well as it contains a measure of the Nile and the field of offerings, said at the entrance, has been the discovery of the temple in 1860 by a famous archaeologist, The Temple of Philae is the temple dedicated to Goddess «Isis», the symbol of love and loyalty and goodness of the ancient Egyptians and which toured Egypt, as legend has it Pharaonic to collect parts of the body of her husband, «Osiris» who was killed by his brother «six», and made her son Horus, avenger of his father, and the temple had been sinking because of the flood water in the sixties of last century, and monitored the UNESCO big budget to save him, which was divided and re-assembled at the site of a new on the island of «Ajeljka» at a distance of approximately 500 meters from its original location on the island of Philae, has also been provided with sound and light performances and gather around dozens of tourists every night to hear some tales of ancient Egyptian history, in different languages.

There are also a number of small temples, including Temple «Amenhotep III», and «structure Thoth», «the Ptolemaic temple». The visitor can see the city of Aswan «raised the Cape Town», which includes many of the graves of the cemetery, including the nobility, and the tomb of Ahmose, the cemetery Sitau, and return label to the gods Cape Town «Nekhbet». And on one of the Mounds land west of the Nile in Aswan in the face of Botanical Garden, visitor can City View tomb of Sultan Mohammed Shah Husseini, leader of the Ismaili community and the famous title of «Aga Khan», which he had attended to visit the Aswan at the beginning of the last century, fell in love and decided to visit the city every winter, and develop love for them to build himself a tomb on one of Rabbani and recommends that buried in it, which is what happened after his death in 1959, then continued to his wife Begum Aga Khan is keen to visit each year in the tomb which has become a tourist site a prominent, but recommends is that other buried with her husband while come Mnatha which is what happened when she died. more info click here:

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Most important characteristic of the shrine is the design architect who belongs to the Fatimid style. Apart from the relics in the temples and tombs located in Aswan, there is in that city museums will join a large number of effects, namely the Museum of Aswan, which was established in 1912, and where the effects as belonging to him from the eras of historical, ranging from the Pharaonic, Ptolemaic, Romanian, Coptic and Islamic, The museum was originally the headquarters of the English house irrigation engineer «William Wilcox» Aswan Dam which was designed and supervised the building since 1898, following the completion of the construction of the reservoir and the departure of the Cox, turning the house into a museum. There is also the Nubian Museum, which was established in cooperation between the Egyptian government and UNESCO in 1980 and taken into account in its design to be expressed about the environment Nubian, to think of see it in front of a house newbie’s large, has been attached to this museum center to preserve the heritage of Nubian provides a model program duration of 9 months for the transfer of skills and traditions of the ancient Nubian ladies older to younger girls. Nor is the ancient monuments the only feature of Aswan, which is characterized along with so many treasures of Pharaonic many nature reserves which give the city the green color generously, and between these reserves, protected valley Allagui which is located at a distance of 180 kilometers east of Aswan, characterized by the presence of a large number of wild animals out, hyenas, deer, goats, hawks, ostriches, as well as 92 species of rare plants out, there are also protected «box» that are attributed to the Mount box in the far eastern corner of Egypt and features trees runny granted by the density of forests open and there are a bird Adakknash a chest pink. The protected Saluja and deer, which are found at a distance of three kilometers from the Aswan reservoir, it is one of the more memorable because it contains reserves of birds and rare plants or endangered species such as ibis, black and purple Moorhen.


And spreads in Aswan a number of hotels with excellent service belong mostly to the five-star and give visitors the city a comfortable stay carefree, including the Sofitel Old Cataract, Hotel Oberoi Aswan, Amoun Village tourism, and hotel Naoctarki, Hotel Isis Island Aswan, and there are two hotels belong to the brigade four-star hotels and two tourist hotels, Isis, and Kalabsha Hotel. The access to Aswan is not that hard choice varies method according to the nature of the traveler and the temperament of psychological, there are flights organized by the airlines to the airports in Aswan and Abu Simbel, and there are flights sleeper train from the railway station in Cairo, Egypt, and there are Nile cruises, which start from Luxor and ends in Aswan and then return and the duration ranged between 4 and 6 nights. And to keep the trip to Aswan trip featured in the memory and conscience.