Safari tourism in Egypt, a unique treasure

Of events experienced by the country and influence the tourist experience right after the revolution of January 25, 2011.. However, the tourist flow to Egypt, they show up and down.. Also appeared in the movement of domestic tourism.. Varied movement and reached a peak at some times and the right to decline significantly in other times, he emphasized that “Amr Ezabi” the President of the Tourism Promotion Authority.

He noted that the provinces of Ezabi Red Sea and South Sinai are most obvious in the tourism flows, and the movement comes to Luxor and Aswan in ranked next to them.
He stressed, “Magdy Selim,” head of the domestic tourism on the need to return to the thought that there was some times to open new horizons for the elements of Egyptian tourism, where there are elements and varied shapes in different governorates of Egypt in the north and south, east and west .. Which adds dimension to tourism and added value to Egypt on a new product to achieve the idea of diversity and gives the place a sense of security?¬† more info click here: Egypt desert Safari

He added that the most prominent of these ingredients safaris long and characterized by Palmosmeh to the elements, which begins in September and ends in April, has resulted in the results during this period to achieve 144 flight nationalities different numbered 1144 tourists, while made trips White Desert during the same period, realized in 1208 flight number of 8132 tourists from different nationalities.. Commenting that this unique style captures  the attention of senior tourism and adventure tourism, scientific tourism and meditation, and many of the sports of tourism such as walking in rugged areas, and skiing on the sand and watch the animals, reptiles and rare birds.

It should be noted that the value-added taking place in this area is to add a meteor full mountain to the list of nature reserves that are supervised by the UNESCO as well as boiled stunning discovery of the English military plane found in the region.

Egypt desert safari