Russian tourism in Egypt

Said Mounir Fakhry Abdel Nour, Minister of Tourism, it is not necessarily a minister specializing in the affairs of the ministry, which assumed, because it requires him only capacity, in a time which saw Egypt and interior ministers civilians and health ministers have nothing to do medicine, stressing that the ministries should be given to the people of management and Egypt all inclusive holidays, packages, tours, vacations

in particular the Ministry of crisis and need for a political vision

The Minister of Tourism in the interview yesterday evening program Egypt Lavalys, that before the ministry because it mandated that the finds in himself the ability to preempt the risk to advance, pointing out that he estimated the weight of pregnancy in these circumstances, but success requires a great effort, and this is a national duty, even if it Commissioning temporarily, but made it clear that he rejected the ministry when he was offered initially for objecting to some of the names in the formation of the government, and Egypt already has been changed almost 70% of them, adding that the acceptance position does not represent a lack of commitment of the Wafd Party, which was aired on boss Dr. Mr. Badawi He agreed and paid for admission also after position of refusal, “this government and national and not a coalition, a front emphasizes the unity to confront the dangers that threaten the nation and that any criticism of him is misplaced and the ministry represent person only and not the Wafd Party.”

And optimism about the future of tourism in Egypt, Abdel Nur, his faith is based on that Egypt is a great country and unable to get out of the crisis quickly as always permanent, and that it may not blacken the image, stressing at the same time that the tourism for the first time receive a shock amounting in the history of Egypt, citing that over the crisis did not fall tourism never to 80%, as happened in February 2011, because what has passed through the homeland of events from Alexandria to Aswan for 18 days, and the subsequent security vacuum scared tourists, in addition to the televisions World was the sequence of events moment by moment, to make matters worse and had a negative impact deeper in their souls.

On the Shining, the Minister of Tourism, that he sensed in many of the country interested in Egypt during the current period and need them and on top of Berlin and Russia, especially Russia, which last year exported to Egypt 2 million and 800 thousand tourists, and was expected to arrive for 3 million this year, not for the events , because Egypt is the closest to Russia, the most beautiful and cheaper, warmer, pointing out that the lifting of the Egypt curfew will make Russian tourism heaped on Egypt, with signs of optimism after high occupancy rate in hotels to 25% and in the Red Sea and South Sinai to 35% ..

He explained Abdel Nour, the Tourism Authority play a major role in the study of the market and monitoring needs, and already going the way of stimulating some European companies to lease planes after lowered in past events with giving insurance enough against loss to ensure operation of tourist trips to Egypt and revitalization.

The Minister of Tourism to meeting with some of the young Face book who were able to mobilize millions to do revolution to direct their energies towards mobilizing millions of tourists to visit Egypt through promotion campaigns on the Internet and making messages that encourage to visit Egypt, and called me director of Google in Egypt Wael Ghonim, for precaution to declare Google’s desire to contribute to the campaign donation Egyptian Tourism Authority.

And domestic tourism and high prices for the Egyptians, Abdel Nour that hotel rates, confirming that it is now becoming cheap and looking for customers and trying to ministry to promote this type of tourism in clubs, universities and schools, while pointing out that the protests ministry employees were the result of public anger and messages Egypt exaggerated broadcast by media , in addition to the absence of the Minister of Tourism for the office of his ministry for 7 years and the lack of attention to these employees, he said that there are unexplained differences in wages and positions that the solution to this problem is not easy and requires wisdom and deliberately and time.

As for the demonstration companies, refer Tourism Minister caused to mismanagement previous which did not respect the legal basis of public naked in the statement of the companies, and has done exceptions exaggerated, refusing to comment on the situation the former minister, “the new ministry does not follow the curriculum exceptions Whatever, and that any decision must be in the framework of the law and the public interest the fewest number of people affected.”