Taba Is Bride Of South Sinai

the city of Taba of the most tourist cities attractive to tourists, the city that combines history and tradition as it includes the effects of dating to about 5000 years, in addition to rare wildlife and heritage of the distinctive nomadic people of the city.

You cannot forget that the aquatic life and coral reefs unique of its kind, which comes to tourists from every direction to see it, in addition to its hotels that combine luxury, comfort and quality of service, which pits the city name in the world of tourism.
Historical monuments in Taba:

Museum of Taba:

Taba is not an ordinary tourist city, it contains the features of a historic character earned her noble descent, and places of originality and that you cannot miss the museum had Taba.

The museum houses three rooms containing more than 700 artifacts, is silent archive tells the story of the lives of the people of South Sinai, starting from the Pharaonic era to the modern era.

The museum is open to visitors from nine o’clock in the morning and evening until the fourth, prices of tickets for foreigners 16 pounds and one pound of the Egyptians.
Protected Taba:

Of the most famous and more places to visit by tourists in Taba, which amounts to an area of 3590 square kilometers and composition of the divine wonder of the caves and mountain pathways and geological formations and a series of valleys such as the valley has acquired the status of archaeological distinct.

Not only that, also features protected the wealth of animal and plant do not match, as it combines rare plants and animals threatened with extinction, as there are about 25 species of mammals and about 50 species of rare birds living in addition to 24 species of reptiles, but for the plants there are reserve about 480 species of unique species.

After you visit the historical monuments, time of fun and enjoy the beaches, Taba, the Witch, and practicing your favorite sport of swimming and diving in the deep sea.

If you want to experience like no other that combines the fun and excitement, try the deep-sea diving in Taba, to see colorful fish and coral reefs, which is famous for rare and out of the Red Sea.

Among the most famous dive sites in Taba:

The Mursi  Majabala area, which includes three places for diving months are:

Is the area of professional diving only, allowing you to dive up to a distance of 40 meters, the shallow part where you can see colorful fish and coral reefs.
Mjabila large area:

Is located on the left of the valley depth of 18 meters, suitable for different levels of diving enthusiasts, you can see groups of barracuda and bat fish in its depths.
Mjabila small area:

The area best suited for shallow diving at a depth of 16 meters, to see the houses of coral reefs and different brands of fish hiding among the rocks are stones.

There are also two areas of diving in the Strait of natural, namely:
Strait hole:

At a depth of 16 meters of natural strait, there is a large hole depth of 24 meters, only to find when entering the pit at a depth of 8 meters how to fish movement, and how you get on the diet of small fish and fish silver.
Banana Strait:

Is a region in the form of a banana, where you can dive at a depth of 12 meters.
Mathematics of water in Taba Heights:

You can spend quality time you and your family for a walk freely, whether yacht or boat in the glass area of Taba Heights.

Your child can play in Taba Heights safely in specialized areas of the children there.
Reef City:

You can dive in the city reefs at a depth of 20 meters, to see the thickness of the silver lion and sometimes small.
Pharaoh’s Island:

Boarded a boat and headed to the island of Pharos, to see the fortress of Saladin, and there are five locations on the island for diving and three boats.

Taba Heights:

Is an area specially equipped to be more well-being of places in the Middle East and North Africa, the strategic overlooking the Red Sea and the proximity to the international airport and the port among the mountains of Sinai, which limit the three neighboring countries, making it a truly unique area.

It also contains the region to hotels and tourist resorts at the highest level of quality, has been prepared designs resort town of Taba to be a favorite tourist destination for the lovers of adventure and fun and excitement.

Consists resort of Taba from five international hotel luxury-owned international group of companies specializing in the hospitality, organization and management of hotels, and there are Marina international award-winning numerous water sports and diving, as well as golf clubs, clubs, entertainment, shopping malls, resorts and mathematics diverse

If you are a fan of the practice of golf, Regency provides you with playground Balkiesaat global Palmstahat The hotel is covered with green and artificial lakes and spectacular views overlooking the Jordan and Saudi Arabia.
Of the most famous hotels in Taba:

Intercontinental, Marriott, Sofitel, Hyatt.
Shopping and Restaurants:

There are a wide variety of exhibits that you can buy what suits them, for example, you can buy any souvenir from bazaars  spread across hotels and resorts.

You can also buy T-shirts made of Egyptian cotton, which carry pictures of the effects of the Pharaonic, also sold gold and silver jewelry, carpets and products of Khan el-Khalili.

Hotel restaurants offer dishes both global and to suit all tastes different nationalities of the visitors.

You can also experience system Dine around Taba Heights where you can choose to eat your food from any restaurant you like, without being restricted to the hotel in which you reside.  more info click here:   Egypt last minute tours, last minute holidays, deals, tours to Egypt, shore excursions

But make sure in advance of the rules and procedures, including pre-booking at the hotel.
Important Information before you travel:

The currency is the Egyptian pound, or dollar, which is equivalent to 5.6 pounds.

Climate is characterized by moderate temperatures to 22 and the average temperature is 33 and it rarely rains fall on the Taba is an atmosphere of dry throughout the year.

You can do a day trip from Taba to Sharm el-Sheikh villages, the island of Pharaoh, Dahab, colorful mountains, the monastery of St. Catherine, Mount Moses and the island of Tiran, and trips to the bathroom therapeutic Pharaoh, Moses bathroom, other than Safari tours which attract loving adventure in the desert.

Do not forget riding a camel and go on a dinner Badawi and dance to the music in the desert of Taba.

May not be  diving after sunset and until sunrise.

Fishing may not be colorful and rare or destruction of coral reefs or transfer taking into accounts the lack of water pollution in any exotic materials or the use of toxic substances.

When you visit St. Catherine’s adventure be sure to climb, but avoid it on your own and you must take the guide with you and that is usually of the people of the Sinai Bedouin.