Research for Tourism in Egypt

Tourism in Egypt  has areas of desert and mountainous several offers fun and adventure for tourists amateur safari and this type of tourism is provided to tourists at Mount St. Catherine, Mount Moses, and the oases of inflows and outflows, and Al Ain Sokhna, where interested tourists to monitor animals in the desert, and migratory birds from one place to another, is also available in this type in the mountains surrounding the area of Sharm el-Sheikh, where companies provide tourism tents and equipment for a nomadic life so tourists can live with this life that combines the simplicity and power of nature mountainous desert, and the city of Safaga which is characterized by chains of mountains and desert. The Ministry of Tourism is particularly important awareness of tourism to the Egyptians because of its importance in the  Egypt holidays  industry, and the ability to create a climate to create a nurturing community for tourism and conscious value, in order to achieve the greatest possible return from tourism, and rehabilitation of the community to work to attract tourists and prolong his stay in Egypt, and leave the good effect pays to go back again and invite others to visit. Has adopted the Egyptian Businessmen Association for Tourism  promote public awareness of the importance of the tourism industry, and establish the concept that it is the future, and as the most important services produced in Egypt in terms of its ability to provide permanent opportunities to work or generate income and plenty of free currencies or contribute to the urban development and human balanced in terms of being a tool of interaction between cultures, peoples and thus to enhance the chances of stability and peace. There are also efforts to develop awareness of the tourist and archaeological the Egyptians to establish the importance of the tourism industry, and maintain the components of the tourism product, whether from the effects or environmental resources, and mobilize the efforts of the state and its citizens and behind the tourism industry / and increase Egypt tours share of the tourist movement internal and encourage Egyptians to visit various places of tourism Interior. Places of domestic tourism in Luxor contain only one third the effects of the whole world which is thus the greatest open-air museum in the world, filling awe and effects suggestive civilization of old, the Luxor is part of ancient Thebes and was the seat of power for 1350 years in a row from 2100 BC to 750 BC At this time The Egyptians built many works of art architecture and this has turned the city into a city rich in history, dazzling spots relic temples and cemeteries, today you can walk between history and the heads of the gods in the way of rams, between the pillars and lotus flowers and papyrus, and enjoy the short trip  or in felucca at sunset. Luxor is part of ancient Thebes, a city with the percent door as said by the great Greek historian Homer because of buildings with large doors. The city has grown through the ages, and impressed by the Arabs and the beauty of Luxor what they have seen many of the palaces. That impressed the visitor when visiting the city, which are terrible space on the kidney of Nile in the city life in the east where the sun rises and in the city of death in the west where the sun sets in the orbit is not the end, where life lay in peace.