Egyptian Minister of Tourism: the near future will see close cooperation between Egypt and China in the field of tourism

Egyptian Minister of Tourism Ahmed El Maghraby ConfirmedĀ  today / Wednesday / China and Egypt last minute tours, last minute holidays, deals, tours to Egypt, shore excursions linked by strong ties and historical returns for a long time, pointing to the Egypt keenness of the political leadership in both countries to consolidate and strengthen these relations in various fields, including the field of tourism.
The Moroccan in an exclusive interview with Xinhua news agency / / Xinhua / / Cairo that “the near future will see the close cooperation between the two countries in the field of tourism, especially in light firm desire of both parties to strengthen cooperation in this vital area and the important and which represents one of the main factors correlation between peoples and one of the most important factors that increase the national income of the two countries. ”

The Maghraby, “Tourism is the first export industry in Egypt, a very important for its important role in supporting other industries as they generate employment directly and indirectly,” is pointing out that there is great interest on the part of the state’s tourism industry.

On the upcoming visit to China starting from Thursday until next Monday, said Moroccan “We look forward to great cooperation in the field of tourism with the state of China’s great in terms of what we felt from a great awareness of the citizens of China Egyptian civilization and Egyptologist private Pharaonic also found that the Chinese have a great awareness of history Egyptian, “adding,” We found that there must be cooperation Egyptian Chinese largest private and we two great civilization rooted in its history dating back thousands of years and must link between these two civilizations which possess in Asia and the Middle East. ”
Said Moroccan ” we will sign an agreement for cooperation in tourism, then agreements many other tourist cooperation between Egypt and China,” adding that Egypt is willing to attract the largest possible number of Chinese tourists, especially that the coming period will witness the presence of a direct air route between Cairo and Beijing, this would give a powerful impetus to the tourist traffic between the two countries. ”

In response to a question about rumors that there are plans to increase the number of Chinese tourists to Egypt during the next year to 100 thousand tourists, said Moroccan “In my opinion this figure a few for the number of Chinese tourists and the relations linking the Egypt two friendly peoples, but could we consider the beginning,” He expressed his belief that “China must be at the top countries exporting tourism to Egypt and that the number of Chinese tourists coming to Egypt to more than one million tourists.”

And about the status of the tourism industry in Egypt, said the Moroccan “In fact, the tourism industry is very important they come in first place in terms of providing hard currency and its advanced position in the national income as it relates to all industries in the state.”
Maghraby stressed that tourism in Egypt given much attention by Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, who has always maintained that “tourism is one of the most important of Egyptian Industries, which must be handled with great interest and if there are active plans to promote it.”

The Moroccan “that in the framework of the attention of President Mubarak tourism has chaired Excellency meeting of the Supreme Council for Tourism after forming the new has confirmed that the tourism industry is the future, where are major exports and service are closely linked to the issue of export which should be a strategic direction for the entire community.”

The Moroccan to confirm President Mubarak, “that more than 10 percent of the labor force in Egypt working to tourism and related industries and associated livelihood sized flow of tourists to Egypt is also tourism revenues the most important resources of Egypt’s foreign exchange where they exceeded revenues last year of $ 6 billion and precede revenues from oil exports and Suez Canal revenues. ”

In response to a question about the terms of reference and the role of the Supreme Council for Tourism, said the Moroccan “The Supreme Council building on Presidential Decree regard a suggestion policies required adhere to activate tourism movement in Egypt and monitor its implementation and propose legislation and regulations necessary for the advancement of tourism activities in addition to the adoption of the general plan for the areas of new tourism and find solutions appropriate to the problems and difficulties that hinder the growth of tourism in Egypt. ”

The Moroccan “also Council shall establish mechanisms of coordination between the various ministries in the implementation of tourism development plans and determine the role of each ministry in activating the movement of tourism in Egypt and assess the activity of the tourism sector and consider other issues, which sees the Supreme Council, offering ex its connection with the affairs of tourism.”

In response to a question about plans Egyptian government and the Ministry of Tourism in order to pay the tourism industry forward, said Moroccan “The government has developed a plan reflects a new vision and an integrated development system tourism sector so as to achieve increase in the number of tourists, including approaching one Egypt million tourists annually during the next ten years and plan aims to increase hotel capacity by about 15,000 rooms a year and increase the number of tourists than 8 million tourists last year to 18 million tourists, which means providing two million new jobs for the people of Egypt. ”

In response to a question about the meaning fairs purposes of international and usefulness on the tourism industry in Egypt, said the Moroccan “Undoubtedly the tourism product in any country needs to publicity and marketing, like any other product and also needs to advertise and to identify consumer by Hence the importance of tourism fairs International which are gatherings of professionals in the field of tourism of every country in the world where tourism offer their product and what are better. ”

“During these exhibitions is the exchange of ideas and visions are agreements which already shows significant and support the tourism sector, not only in Egypt but in the whole world.”