Aviation will make Egypt last minute tours, last minute holidays, deals, tours to Egypt, shore excursions is a major tourist attraction

Ask today esteemed readers to pages «Travel» a very important issue. I welcome the dialogue around the private owners and work experience in the field of aviation and Egypt last minute tours, last minute holidays, deals, tours to Egypt, shore excursions and the economy in general.
The issue is «tourism and aviation. And the relationship between them »
We on this page as long as our books and we responded first two important is «no tourism without flight. The second is «not tourism without flags» was that in saying the second specifically that change the world and increase international tourist traffic is no longer easy to move these millions «Tourism millions» between the countries of the world Egypt last minute tours, last minute holidays, deals, tours to Egypt, shore excursions(billion tourists) without the influence of the media and advertising campaigns.
With regard to the first argument, a cause today, it may be to exaggerate expression in some cases or some countries, such as France or Spain, but in the end, stresses the importance of aviation for tourism in other countries, such as the case of Egypt.
It is well known that countries like France and Spain vary where the means of transport for tourists, both by road and cars or even the river or the sea or aircraft available in front of tourists among the countries of Europe. But in the case of a country like Egypt, it is certain or difficult that about 90% of international tourist traffic comes or transmitted to fly. Some might think that the sea can be essential in international transmission to Egypt and this is not true. A look at numbers this tourism found in the peak year 2010 did not exceed 600 thousand visitors do not say tourists from between about 14.7 million tourists moved to Egypt in this year because this small percentage is what is called tourism per day or visits fast therefore be designated visitors, not tourists.
Hence we can say that rely on the sea to transport millions of tourists to Egypt goal impossible to achieve and therefore no choice but to fly.
Why say this today?
I hasten to say that we today in an important stage and Egyptian tourism numbers dropped after the January 25 revolution. We want to go back to 2010 and the numbers in other words we want to return the flow of tourists to Egypt again. The Ministry of Tourism, led by Minister Hisham Zaazou plans for the return of this flow even begins Egyptian tourism as «factory ready» to support the economy and provide jobs and hard currency, but with the return flow of this we have to admit that it faces a major problem concerning the availability of energy carriers from flying from places or points many in the world, especially if we want to open up new markets such as Eastern Europe, China, Japan, and even Latin America.
That everyone agrees on that flight is able to return flow again, and here we do not mean the company only national but we mean all types of aviation that contribute to the transmission to Egypt Air regularly whether Egypt Air or international companies or airline Viewer «Chartres» or flight Low cost.
Everyone knows that the charter is that transports millions and regular tourism transmits tourism high spending and low costs contribute to the revival of tourism accommodation.
I’m here I do not want to bring Egypt Air is greater than capacity or full responsibility, but we have to discuss the issue in many ways all of which can be invested for the benefit of the national economy is not in the interest of Egypt Air only or for the benefit of the tourism sector only!.
The talk that Egypt open skies and airports to all types of airlines needs to see. And talk about the aviation sector in Egypt has full freedom to work and to all the places also needs to be reviewed.
We are facing situations or airlines are having difficulty at work because of problems considered it given some sort of protection or preference for Egypt Air and I, of course, here with the protection and support national company but at the same time not inconsistent with the interest elder or would help to achieve the interests of all parties aim economy National whole.
I think he should be allowed to charter international airlines or reduced labor costs and must also daring in the management of Egypt Air that supports its charter company a greater number of aircraft.
I know that the company is loaded with huge burdens and redundant (32 thousand workers) with the number of aircraft (72 aircraft), does not fit with the company’s desire to expand, especially with the increased losses after the revolution due to the decline of the number of passengers.
So here’s to Egypt as a country, that we study all Turkey’s experience in tourism and the Turkish airline experience. Turkey, which was about 10 years ago with the beginning of the third millennium does not exceed the number of tourism to about 5 million tourists and has now reached 30 million tourists and its national reached 194 aircraft and up to 202 points in the latest world of Sharm el-Sheikh.
How did this happen? It is certain that there is an integrated system there is an overview of what Turkey wants from tourism or separation between tourism and aviation, everyone works for the benefit of Turkey and support for the Turkish economy. They succeeded. How did it happen that this is what we studied very carefully?
The key issue is that the aviation sector, as well as Egypt Air should see the opening and expansion also says a large number of experts is the way to force the company contrary to what is proclaimed by some of contraction and seclusion for fear of losses. How many companies have expanded and succeeded by following the modern methods in pricing, in services and in international cope with rapid changes in booking and in dealing with the Internet and modern communication and marketing.
The issue of open skies, we re-considered, and that the heavens open. Already open unhindered. The experiments proved in many countries of the world that the heavens open achieved in addition to the economy, and tourism. But gave more power to the National Aviation Company.
For example, says the figures and studies in Turkey, for example. Following the application of open skies has achieved an increase in the number of passengers by 65%, «the number rose from about 60 million passengers instead of 40 million.
The Open Skies 34 thousand direct jobs in the field of Aviation and 41 thousand indirect, Egypt last minute tours, last minute holidays, deals, tours to Egypt, shore excursionsand the rate of direct flights to Turkey, and has appeared many airlines have been achieved annual increase in the number of tourist’s more than 6.5 million tourists a year and 250 thousand jobs directly and indirectly, and increased GNP whole.
Thus the figures in Morocco and the United Arab Emirates and all the countries that have implemented open skies policy.
We have to realize that we must encourage private aviation in Egypt and put solutions of understanding with the low-cost airlines and charter if we want to start tourism and the return flow of tourists to Egypt to get to 20 or 30 million tourists, such as Turkey.
A look at the pricing policy of the Turkish Airlines, which landed in Sharm el-Sheikh for the first time this week, we find that it sells ticket for $ 99 euros and we find also thinking in bringing tourism to Egypt from distant points is Istanbul. Thus there is flexibility and modern marketing thought.
On the whole I am today does not mean at all that I hold Egypt Air any responsibility.