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If you book a Day Tour within this month – you choose 1 complimentary activities from the 2 listed.
1: Camel ride by the Pyramids
2: Felucca ride on the Nile (Cairo or Luxor – your choice)

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Custom your tour in Cairo with Egypt Last Minute, egypt custom toursYou can custom your tour or holiday package with us. Simply send your request stating which attractions you wish to see in Cairo and you will get a reply within a few minutes – our aim is your satisfaction.

Top pyramids tours in Cairo, take a pyramid tour when you are in Pyramid tours egyptCairo. You will visit the Great Pyramids Giza, The Great Sphinx in front of Chefren pyramid, Move on to tour the Great Egyptian Museum, visit Tutankhamen treasures.

egypt single toursTop ten tours in Cairo, The Great pyramids, The Sphinx in Giza Plateau, The Castle of Salah Eldien, Egyptian Museum, Old Cairo, Coptic Cairo, Khan El Khalily and Tutankhamen treasures.

egypt pyramidVisit the Egyptian Museum in Cairo with ts famous treasure of Tut Anch Amun, old Cairo , Tour to Salah El Dien citadel, visit Mohamed Ali Mosque,  The Hanging church, Citadel of Saladin, Egypt and many other sites.
Drive to St, Catherine monastery takes around 7 hours. On the way Saint Catherine Monastery sinaiyou can stop for drink or toilet, arrival Saint Catherine monastery, check in your room then enjoy free evening by the great mountains in Sinai.

Egypt camel ride by the pyramids

2 day tour from Cairo to Luxor to visit Luxor great temples and valley of kings. Enjoy the temples of Karnak and, Famous Memnon colossi, Hatshepsut amazingTemple ,the Valley of the Kings.
Luxor Day Tour from Cairo by Flight is an amazing experience as you Luxor tourwill see in this tour around 50% of the world monuments
Our tour to Luxor by flight is just for one day to visit the most famous temples and monuments in Luxor like Karnak and Luxor temples.
Enjoy Single tours in Cairo, Learn more about our exciting egypt single tourssingles travel and tours with our professional guides. Visit The Great pyramids, Sphinx in Giza Plateau, The Egyptian museum, The Castle, Old Cairo,  Tutankhamen treasures and many other sites.
egypt pyramidTop tour in Egypt, Visit The 3 Pyramids in Giza Plateau, the Sphinx in Giza Plateau, many photo stops around the pyramids, the valley temple of the pyramids,  the Egyptian museum and Tutankhamen treasures.
egypt pyramidBook a tour to Coptic and Islamic Cairo, enjoy the mixture of the Egyptian culture, visit the  Citadel & Mohamed Ali Alabaster Mosque, Ebn Toloun Dome, Abu Serga Church, Hanged church, Synagogue and many other sites.
egypt pyramidBook one day tour to teh great pyramids of  Giza plateau,and its famous Sphinx.
Visit The Valley Temple in Giza after that travel to  Memphis to see the Statue of Ramses II at Memphis, the step pyramid of Sakkara.
egypt pyramidEnjoy 2 days of Safari life-changing,Transport yourself in time and place to a range of deserts full of unique features, Overnight Trip to Bahariya & White Desert with your own private Egyptologist. All trips are bespoke and you can customise your trip to meet your needs so that you have an adventure that will take your breath away.

Luxor custom tours

Book one day trip to Luxor by air from Cairo,  Travel to Luxor to visit its famous attractions like Karnak and Luxor Temples.Visit also the famous Valley of the Kings, Temple of Queen Hatshepsut and Colossi of Memnon.
egypt pyramidEnjoy one day trip to alexandria by private car, visit The famous new library of Alexandria, the Site of the ancient lighthouse, Palaces of king Farouk, Alexander the great statue, Pompys pillar and Roman amphitheater
Camel ride is the first thing most people think about when you Egypt camel ride by the pyramidsmention pyramids and desert in Egypt, ride a camel with us in desert by the Great Pyramid, also you can try horses.Would you like to ride a camel or horse by the pyramids in the Egyptian the desert?
 Tour to Menya, Tal Amarna, Beni Hassan Tombs, Tuna el-Menya, Tal Amarna, Beni Hassan tombsGebel, El Minya Day Tour from Cairo by car, The City of Akhenaton? In this tour you will see the traditional part of Egypt or I can say the real Egypt, El Minya, is 4 hours south of Cairo.

Sound & Light Show at the Pyramids, The Great sound light show pyramids egyptSphinx at night, Sound and Light Show,Giza Pyramids Sound & Light Show, Enjoy the sound and light show by the Great Pyramids of Egypt, with audio and magical visual movie telling you about Egyptian history, Great experience to know more about the pyramids.

safari tours egypt

Quad Bike By The Pyramids, Quad Bike Safari
Pyramid Tours, Desert Safari Trip by Quad Bike to Pyramids Area, also you can try horses.Would you like to ride a camel or horse by the pyramids in the Egyptian the desert.
Tour to Wadi El Natroun Monastery from Cairo, Wadi El Natrun Wadi El Natroun tourmonasteries Tour,Wadi El Natrun monasteries Tour form Cairo,Start with breakfast at your hotel, our tour guide will be waiting you at the lobby to start your trip to Wadi El-Natrun which is considered the heart of the Christian monasticism in Egypt.

Fayoum, Wadi El rayan, Wadi el hitan.jpg1

Tour to Fayoum, Wadi Hitan from Cairo, Cairo Day Tour to Fayoum Oasis, Wadi Al Rian Day, Travel to Wadi Al Rian also known as the Water Falls of Fayoum, Wadi El Rayan is a very pretty natural depression, the only water falls in Egypt.

Overnight Tour to Luxor from Cairo by Flight, Two Day Trip to Luxor Luxor toursfrom Cairo by Flight. Highlights:The temples of luxor and karnak, temple of Hatshapsut, the colossi of Memnon, The valley of the kings and its famous tombs.

El Minya is famous for many historical and important ancient Egyptian Menya, Tal Amarna, Beni Hassan tombssites; Beni Hassan tombs, The Hermopolis, Tuna el-Gebel and Tell el-Amarna. El miny as city is small size with many Christians; also it houses the famous university of El menya.
We understand that when you have short time in your stopover or cairo layover tourlayover in Cairo airport you want to make the most of your time, the maximum possible of your layover in Cairo airport.
Enjoy your lunch or dinner aboard the luxury Nile cruises in Cairo cairo nile cruisewhile watching Egyptian traditional show and belly dancing.
our representative will pick you up form your hotel by private car to your luxury Nile cruise, enjoy 2 hours sailing then back to hotel

cairo felucca egypt

Cairo Nile Felucca & Cairo Felucca Cruise on the Nile. Enjoy the traditional Nile Felucca Cruise in Cairo, its unique experience you can have just when you are in Egypt, its one of the typical adventures of Egypt, including pick up and drop off services.

Visit the great Citadel of Salah El Din which built by the famous old cairo tourswarrior Salah El Din. Then visit the mosque of Mohamed Ali or known as the Alabaster Mosque, it considers the prettiest mosque in Egypt.

egypt tours disability

Wheelchair  tours in  Cairo, Accessible Cairo tours, Disabled Tour Cairo Egypt, Every trip is customizable. We specialize in off the peg holidays which you can adapt to suit your needs.




Customisable Cairo Day Tours, Cairo Trips and Excursions

Every trip is customizable. We specialize in off the peg holidays which you can adapt to suit your needs. We recognize that people visit Egypt time and time again or come for the first time with specific things in mind they wish to visit. Either way, we want you to experience Egypt the way you imagine and for this reason list the following visitor attractions which you may wish to add to your trip or exchange for another aspect of your Cairo Day Tour, Cairo Trip or Excursion.

Things to do in Cairo:

You can use these sites to customize your tour

The Egyptian Museum of Cairo
The three pyramids of Giza
The great Sphinx
Ramses II Statue
Saladin Citadel (Al-Qalaa)
Mosque of Al-Azhar
Mohamed Ali Mosque (Citadel of Saladin)
Giza Plateau by the pyramids
The city of Old Cairo
Coptic Cairo (Church of St. George and Mari Girgis)
The step pyramids of Saqqara (Sakkara) Pyramids
the great pyramid of Dahshur pyramid
Islamic Cairo city
Step Pyramid of Djoser
Old Cairo City (Coptic )
Khan Al-Khalili traditional bazaar
Gayer-Anderson Museum
The Solar Boat
Papyrus Galleries
Coptic Museum in Cairo
Al-Azhar MosquePark
Pyramids Sound and Light Show
Memphis and Sakkara pyramids
Mosqueof Sultan Hassan
Cairo Tower
Alabaster Sphinx of Memphis
Mosque of the great Ibn Tulun
Museum of Islamic Arts
City of the Dead
Cairo Opera House
Hanging Church



Cairo Shopping Tours

Cairo has a wealth or shopping experiences which are a feast for all the 5 senses. A visit to Cairo is not complete without a visit to one of the traditional markets, whether you buy or not, the visit itself is a unique experience – not to be missed. Our guides will help you make the best of your time and get the best deals possible – liaising with the sellers on your behalf and helping you get decent tourist prices for items or simply helping you find items that, without a guide, you would not be able to find. Silk carpets, hand woven scarves, handmade real silver or real gold jewellery and other personalized individual items are amongst the few items when using a guide would be beneficial.

Khan Al Khalili Tours

Enjoy a walk in the most famous traditional market in the world. It’s like a market from the Middle Ages and is like no other anywhere else. This is one shopping experience not to be missed and is definitely a place where you should practice bargaining to get the best price you can for clothing, textiles, souvenirs and jewelry.

Camel market Tours

Experience something you will hardly ever have the chance to see again when you visit the Birqash Camel Market (Souq al-Gamaal). See how camels have been sold for many years at the equivalent of a camel auction.
Street of the Tentmakers (Sharia Khayamiya). Again, experience observing authentic tentmakers and their centuries old skills as they make and sell tents in front of your very eyes.
This is a very tradition market for tent makers and a great place to pick up an authentic purchase for yourself or a friend.

Egypt Natural Tours

A variety of natural excursions are available for you to enjoy, all of which are known for their unspoilt beauty or medicinal benefits. Travel to breathtaking Fayoum or enjoy an adventurous safari in either the phenomenal Siwa Oasis or the Baharia Oasis. Perhaps you would like to do what all tourists should and that is to simply ride a camel by the pyramids.

Trips from Alexandria Port To Cairo

Perhaps you have found yourself at Alexandria Port with a day ‘at leisure’ as part of your arranged cruise, well look no further for a competent company who can arrange a ‘bolt-on’ trip for the day and take you on another adventure, ensuring you arrive back early to continue your cruise. We offer a variety of excursions around and within Alexandria and also from Alexandria to the wide range of adventures that await you in Cairo. In addition to the adventures that await you in Cairo, your guide will delight you with tales of Alexandria and prepare you for your booked trip by giving as much information as possible and answering any questions you may have about your exploration.

More activities in Cairo

Visit Cairo, the capital of Egypt and enjoy it’s famous tourist attractions and take a variety of quality daily sightseeing tours. We offer a range of pyramids tours, to pyramids not often mentioned elsewhere. Take an excursion to old Cairo and perhaps you would like to take to the skies and embark on a trip to Luxor by flight or even see one of the Seven Wonders of the World on a one day tour to Alexandria.

If adventure is more your style, then perhaps you would relish the idea of a desert safari tour and camping under the stars in the White Desert. Whatever, your tastes or traveling needs, we offer ‘off the peg’ or customized tours to make your holiday suit your needs. If you just need a driver for the day and a safe vehicle, then be assured, no job is too small for us. We care about each trip the same and each customer is allocated specific staff so no request is too small or too large.

Cairo Day Tours, Cairo Trips and Excursions

Explore the best of Cairo with our Day Tours to all the historical sites you could ever wish to visit. No longer will Ancient Egypt be a thing of mystery – our comprehensive Day Tours with qualified Egyptologists will make History come alive. You can customize your tour in Cairo before, during and after you start traveling – the trip belongs to you and should you wish for longer in one place or to change your itinerary, we aim to please and will do everything possible to give you the Day Tour around Cairo you will want to remember for all the right reasons. We also offer Accessible Tours for clients who might need walking aids and a variety of other means of support to ensure everyone gets the most enjoyable holiday ever. Our booking staff, buses and guides are well equipped and well informed to meet your needs so please feel free to contact regarding any extra support you might require.

Egypt is a land of mystery and intrigue for people of all ages and cultures, therefore we have created specific tours and excursions which cater for the solo traveler and for families who wish to explore Cairo. We offer all types of tours: all-inclusive day tours, full day and half day tours, guided tours around Cairo and simply services with just a car and guide at your disposal. Experiencing these magical and privileged destinations via short tours and inclusive, guided day trips is a wonderful way to absorb everything that Egypt has to offer, at a pace that is set with your comfort, happiness, and well being as our top priority. Cairo in a day is accessible to all, yet forgettable to no-one.